Save in 25 Minutes quest held in Grozny rss

12 April 2018 13:13
Save in 25 Minutes quest held in Grozny

Fire rescue quest has been held in the Chechen Republic. The hard work done by employees of the Emergency Ministry was done this time by representatives of authorities, mixed martial arts organization, mass media and bloggers. Such forms of preventive work in Chechnya are dedicated to the Safety Culture Year declared by the Emergency Ministry.

In the first task, the participants had to put on gears and go on a special vehicle to a fire in an office building.

The part of the chief was played by PR director of the Chechen Head and Government Isa Khadzhimuradov. As part of a unit of gas and smoke service he had to manage the actions of the team and control safety measures.

Rescuing the injured from the office building was carried out in zero visibility: gas masks worn by firemen were covered with paper adhesive tape. The operation inside the building was accompanied by sounds of explosions, fire, falling objects and shattering glass to make the setting more realistic. The firemen had only 25 minutes for the whole operation – that much oxygen a self-contained breathing apparatus used by firefighters has.

“Even if you just stand there doing nothing, but wearing the gears with oxygen cylinders on your back, it feels like you have worked as a journalist for a month,” TASS journalist Taisa Borshigova said. “It is very interesting to learn about this service from inside, so that even once to be among those who are the first to come to the rescue, instead of the first one who writes about it.”

The last task of the quest was performing first aid. The participants administered CPR, applied a splint and bandaged leg of an injured person.

Firemen, rescuers and representatives of the disaster medicine center were the ones to judge the contest.

“This is equal to a many-hour sports workout. There are videos in social websites where witnesses of accidents give advice on how to rescue people, teach professionals how to put out fires. When you do such tasks, you understand that the work firefighters do is much harder than seems from the outside,” said professional MMA athlete and champion Abdul-Aziz Abdulvakhabov.

After the event finished, the participants got letters of commendations from head of the Emergency Ministry’s Chechnya Directorate Ruslan Yakhyayev.