Gas explosion response exercise held in Simferopol rss

11 April 17:53
Gas explosion response exercise held in Simferopol

Crimean rescuers have carried out today a massive operation to respond to a simulated accident caused by a gas explosion in a residential building. The exercise was held together with managing bodies and forces of functional and territorial subsystems of the Single State Disaster Management System

According to the scenario, a gas explosion followed by a fire that burned 75 sq. meters happened in a 5-floor block of flats in the settlement of Mirnoye, Simferopol District. The explosion took down the fifth, fourth and third floors of the second section occupied by 55 residents according to preliminary data.

13 people were buried under debris. The simulated explosion damaged internal gas and power supply networks, water supply system and drainage system, and tore down bearing walls of adjacent sections. There was a risk that the building could collapse.

During the exercise workers of the Emergency Ministry in close cooperation with city’s emergency services practiced all the actions to conduct rescue and other emergency operations using modern equipment and technologies.

Conditions for participants of the exercise were rather hard and as close to real situation as possible with explosives and smoke used to imitate the blast and fire. So, different divisions of the Emergency Ministry’s Crimea Directorate and city’s emergency services had to demonstrate maximum of their professional skills.

All the planned events of the massive exercise were complete and its objectives were reached. More than 100 people and 40 units of specialized equipment were involved.