Emergency Ministry controls flood situation in Siberia rss

08 April 13:59
Emergency Ministry controls flood situation in Siberia

Flood season for Siberia is upcoming, so far the situations on local rivers is calm. The ice is breaking up on small rivers, while large rivers – Ob, Irtysh, Tom, Lena and Yenisei are still icebound. A lot of melt and   slope water expected due to higher temperatures next week may make the situation harder in the central part of Siberia and flood some settlements.

To prevent such a situation, Emergency Ministry’s airmobile teams and aircraft based in Siberia have been put on standby. The Emergency Ministry’s Siberian Regional Center has a clear mechanism of responding to possible accidents during floods.

A Ministry’s task force is dispatched to each settlement expected to be flooded 2-3 days before it happens and it takes up organizational functions to help heads of a settlement. Such teams have to examine dangerous areas, check communication and warming systems, evacuation plans and routes and the state of temporary shelters. Together with administrations they have to check where the most vulnerable people, those who might need help, live.

In accordance with current situation in Russia, the Emergency Ministry is ready to dispatch its divisions in any region. Additional crews have rescue and engineering equipment, power boats, UAVs to monitor flood situation, means of communication and other necessary equipment. Rescuers talk to people and help them to prepare farmlands to floods. In case the situation gets complicated, rescuers help the local authorities to evacuate the population, to save property and livestock from water and carry out emergency restoration operations in the areas hit by floods.

All organizational events have been held to minimize possible negative effects of floods while bank protection and strengthening of piers, filling of dykes and roads, clearing storm sewages in remote areas in the first place are going to be finished before 10 April.