Spring flood accident response drill held in Moscow rss

08 April 12:07
Spring flood accident response drill held in Moscow

A spring flood accident response exercise has been held in Moscow. According to the scenario high water levels flooded the bridge at Likhoborskaya embankment.

5 industrial buildings were located within the flooded area. Fire and rescue divisions and a task forces of the Emergency Ministry’s Moscow Directorate arrived at the scene. In addition to Emergency Ministry’s forces and facilities the city’s engineering services were also involved.

To ensure public order, forces of the Emergency Ministry and Interior Ministry cordoned off the flooded area and patrolled the area around. The Emergency Ministry’s specialists deployed a first aid center. OKSION terminals were used to inform the population about the flood.

Emergency workers cleared the Likhoborka River bed from trash to restore its normal flow. Fire and rescue crews laid down hoses and pumped out water using a mobile pumping station.

The exercise involved 66 people and 16 units of equipment, including 6 units of equipment and 40 people provided by the Russian Emergency Ministry.