Drones helping to put out wildfires in Amur Region rss

07 April 15:42
Drones helping to put out wildfires in Amur Region

Firefighters of Emergency Ministry’s Amur Region specialized fire and rescue station have used UAVs today to find a wildfire and put it out while it was still small. The specialists got ground crew over walkie-talkies and dispatched response teams immediately, so the fire was quickly suppressed.

UAVs are used regularly in Amur Region to monitor areas, check the situation, locate fires near settlements, gardener’s lands and hard to reach areas. The drones are equipped with high-resolution cameras, which help rescuers to reveal fires on the initial stage and put them out quickly.

If they find an incendiary, a video made by the drone can serve as evidence. The perpetrators get administrative or criminal penalty.

“For our work drones are necessary. From time to time firemen go to the fires that place danger to settlements,” says an employee of the specialized fire and rescue service. “A fire cannot stay unnoticed and that allows for quick suppression.”

Response divisions of Amur Region hold preventive briefings with the population. The specialists tell them about wildfire situation, about administrative and criminal penalty for violating fire safety rules, about what they should do in case of an incident, remind them about phone numbers they can dial to call emergency services and hand them booklets on fire safety.


Drones helping to put out wildfires in Amur Region

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