Fire Safety Standardization Technical Committee to create over 100 interstate standards rss

06 April 15:09
Fire Safety Standardization Technical Committee to create over 100 interstate standards

The Emergency Ministry’s All-Russian Fire Defense Research Institute has become a venue for the first meeting of the renewed Fire Standardization Technical Committee which discussed the renewed structure of the committee and its 2018 work schedule.

During the meeting, head of the Emergency Ministry’s Scientific and Technical Office Aleksei Smirnov noted that the Fire Safety Committee has important tasks concerning organization of developing national and interstate standards, new sets of fire safety rules, their assessment and preparing them to be approved by Rosstandart (the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology).

“Ensuring fire safety is one of priorities in the development of standardization in Russia. Special attention is paid to harmonizing the national system of standardization documents with best international and interstate documents. I hope that with its new composition the Fire Safety Committee will work effectively to improve fire safety legal framework,” said Mr. Smirnov to members of the technical committee.

In accordance with new structure of the Fire Safety Technical Committee there are 5 subcommittees for fire safety in buildings of different purpose, systems of fire automatic devices, firefighting equipment, individual protection and rescue equipment and assessment of sets of fire safety rules. Such a structure will have positive effect on the quality of normative-technical documents being developed.

During the meeting, executive secretary of the technical committee Yelena Grigoryeva reported on the performance of the committee in 2017 and about its plans in 2018.

Additionally, members of the committee noted great job done at the interstate and international levels. The committee now has a global task of working out more than 100 interstate standards to support the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union “On requirements to fire safety and firefighting means”.

Summing up the meeting, Mr. Smirnov noted growing importance of work in the field of interstate standardization as well as developing of standards of new advanced types of fire equipment.


Additional information:

Fire Safety Standardization Technical Committee is a form of cooperation between concerned representatives of federal executive authority, scientific organizations, manufacturers, design and building organizations, as well as their associations. The Emergency Ministry’s Fire Defense Research Institute of the All-Russian Order “Badge of Honor” is in charge of the Committee’s secretariat and manages the committee’s finances and resources in accordance with its liabilities.

The committee’s tasks and functions include national standardization, participation in building the National Standardization program and controlling its implementation, assessing draft national standards and draft amendments to standards currently in effect, preparing expert conclusions, making motivated decisions on approving the draft national standard as the national standard or on approving the draft national standard as interim national standard and submitting them for approval into federal executive authority in charge of standardization and many others.