Vladimir Puchkov demands tighter control over safety of people in flooded areas rss

06 April 13:23
Vladimir Puchkov demands tighter control over safety of people in flooded areas

During today’s briefing with heads of Emergency Ministry’s territorial bodies Vladimir Puchkov demanded tighter control over safety during flood and wildfire seasons.

He heard reports by heads of Emergency Ministry’s directorates of the regions which are experiencing or starting experiencing difficulties. The Minister paid special attention to preventive measures.

“Make sure that all flood safety measures are being taken at social facilities and roads, especially local ones. The process of dykes being filled has to be controlled. They have to not only look civil, but be stable,” Mr. Puchkov said.

The minister stressed that temporary shelters have to be deployed in the areas with difficult situation. “Food, medical care, nurseries, everything necessary has to work. The Emergency Ministry is always there for you, we will help,” he said.

The Minister informed all the present on the necessity of advanced planning of regrouping the forces and control over operation of water supply points, entire social infrastructure and engineering protection systems. He added that all the planned steps are being taken strictly following the decisions taken before.

Mr. Puchkov also reminded the present about grave consequences are caused by burning of agricultural areas and dry grass and strongly recommended intensifying preventive work among population.

“Each head who manages the areas that burn has to be held answerable. If that is a forest owned by forestry, than that has to be the head of the local forestry. If it is farmlands that are burning than it is the head of agricultural office,” Mr. Puchkov said.