Italia interested in Struna mobile diagnostics complex rss

28 March 15:26
Italia interested in Struna mobile diagnostics complex

Specialists from the All-Russian Research Institute of Civil Defense Problems and Emergencies Ministry of the Russian Emergencies Ministry have carried out a presentation of technical means for assessment of earthquake aftermaths and demonstrated Struna mobile diagnostics complex to the delegation from the Italian town of L'Aquila. This device is designed to assess structural soundness of the buildings and structures and was developed by Russian manufacturers. The device has extremely high sensitivity and it used to analyze damaged structures.

Italian delegation was interested in the complex for a reason. In 2009 the town of L'Aquila was damaged by a catastrophic earthquake, which killed more than 300 people and destroyed more than 15,000 buildings.  Back then, the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s specialists demonstrated the full potential of the complex when they assessed the aseismic stability of structures, affected by the earthquake. They examined 22 buildings in total. According to the results of the inspection, all examined buildings received safety certificates and they were passed to the Civil Protection Department of Italy.

More than 3,000 buildings and structures, damaged in emergencies in the Russian Federation and dozens of foreign countries, have been examined by Struna complexes since 2010.