Rescuers evacuate fishers from taiga of Khakassia (video) rss

28 March 2018 11:30
Rescuers evacuate fishers from taiga of Khakassia (video)

Rescuers have evacuated 8 rescuers from taiga on the border of Khakassia and Kemerovo Region today. All of fishers live in the town of Tashtagol.

Mil Mi-8 helicopters of the Siberian Regional Center of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was used in the rescue operation.

Rescuers received a call on yesterday’s evening. A group of 8 fishers got lost trapped in taiga. The men found themselves between two rivers that got overflowed and flooded nearby land due to snowmelt and rains. They could not get out of there by themselves. One of the fishers had a satellite phone on him and he called the rescuers.

Rescuers picked up the fishers and their belongings and delivered them back to the town of Tashtagol. None of them required medical attention.


Commentary by Oleg Yemelyanov - Head of paraborne unit of Siberian Regional Search and Rescue Center

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