Russian Emergencies Ministry reinforce patrols at bodies of water during holidays rss

10 March 11:48
Russian Emergencies Ministry reinforce patrols at bodies of water during holidays

The Russian Emergencies Ministry is conducting safety raids and patrol bodies of water, popular among fishers today. More than 15,000 preventive efforts have been held since the beginning of the year to prevent accidents on waterways.

Most of the raids have been carried out on weekends and holidays. Rescuers, Police, representatives of local governments and State Small Vessels Inspectors are involved in these raids.

More than 1,050 ice crossings and more than 1,600 ice fields are being controlled by the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s specialists.

Rescuers instruct fishers on safety, give them booklets containing phone numbers of emergency services and rules of conduct on ice.

Ice is getting weak in several regions of our country. A 47-kilometer long ice-clearing has recently formed at Ob River in Novosibirsk Region, following from Novosibirsk hydroelectric station up to the settlement of Krasny Yar. The territory surrounding the clearing is being patrolled by the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s specialists, 25 warning signs that prohibit access of vehicles on to the ice, have been installed.

Additionally, rescuers saw the ice on rivers of Novosibirsk Region to avoid floods. These efforts started on Karasuk River, which flows through 3 districts of the Region, at the end of February.

Employees of the State Small Vessels Inspectorate in Leningrad Region increased the number of patrols around bodies of water. Special attention is given to Lake Onega and the Gulf of Finland. The ice is already becoming weak and rescuers often receive distress signals when new cracks in the ice prevent people from coming back to the shore.

Coming on to ice is also extremely dangerous at the southeast shore of Sakhalin Island. According to the Sakhalin Region Directorate, winds will shift and crack the ice on 11 March in Korsakov, Dolinsk, Makarov Districts, including in the Gulf of Patience. Rescuers strongly advice fishers to not go on to ice.