Congratulation of Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov with Defender of the Fatherland Day (video) rss

23 February
Congratulation of Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov with Defender of the Fatherland Day (video)

Dear colleagues! Dear veterans!

I’d like to sincerely congratulate you with the Defender of the Fatherland Day!

This national holiday has a long history. Sacred code of honor was passed from generation to generation – love to our Fatherland and call of duty.

This day is special for the large team of Russian firemen, rescuers, pilots, pyrotechnists, cynologysts and divers. All of them are proudly called the Defenders of the Fatherland, as they are always on the frontlines, provide safety of the population and territories against emergencies.

The importance of work, done by the Ministry’s employees, who often risk their lives to save others, cannot be overrated. More than 220,000 people were saved from accidents, fires and other emergencies in 2017.

But the best award for the selfless work and adverse, but noble service in the Russian Emergencies Ministry is universal respect and recognition even abroad of our country. Russian rescuers are known and valued all over the world. International cooperation and mutual aid during mitigation of large-scale emergencies also provides strengthening of Russia’s position in the world community.

New natural and man-caused disasters set new tasks to the Ministry, which require modern approaches to protecting of the population and territories against emergencies.

Strategic tasks to provide comprehensive safety and security of our country are laid in the State policy on civil defense, fire safety and protection of population and territories against emergencies by 2030, signed by the President Vladimir Putin.

These tasks include boosting risk management efficiency, early detection of natural disasters, use of remote monitoring, creation of specialized robotics, development of aircraft and rescue technologies, etc.

All these tasks can be achieved not only by new equipment, supplied to the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s responding divisions, but also better professional training, commitment and professionalism of the Ministry’s personnel. Activities of the federal executive authorities and the Single State Disaster Management System is one of the most important factors in stable development of our country.

Today we honor all the defenders of the Fatherland – those, who daily contribute to making our country safe, and those, who heroically died on duty. Their self-sacrifice saved numerous lives.

I’d like to express special gratitude to our veterans. Your limitless experience and dedication to profession serve as an example for all other employees of the Ministry and first of all, to the youth.

I congratulate you, my dear friends! I wish you good health, peace and prosperity, and new achievement in your careers. Let there be fever emergencies in our lives.

I also wish all of you success in work, prosperity and optimism. Let your professionalism, responsibility and dedication to the profession bring more good for the sake of our Fatherland!


Congratulation of Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov with Defender of the Fatherland Day

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