Russian Emergencies Ministry’s rescuers hold drill at Arena Baltika Stadium rss

11 February 2018 11:31
Russian Emergencies Ministry’s rescuers hold drill at Arena Baltika Stadium

A first major fire and tactical drill has been held at Arena Baltika Stadium in Kaliningrad. The practice was held within the preparation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s specialists for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry’s rescuers practiced cooperation with all emergency services during fire fighting operations and emergency and rescue operations, as well as tested new equipment and fire fighting substances.

According to the scenario of the drill, a fire broke out at a bar and it rapidly spread to more than 20 square meters of area. All visitors of the bar were immediately evacuated.

In just several minutes on-duty fire and rescue divisions near the stadium were dispatched to the scene. A water main line was laid down and search for the injured was carried out, which were simulated by extras.

A rally point for all the injured was organized at the northwestern part of the stadium and a first aid station was deployed by local Disaster Medicine Center. Russian Emergencies Ministry’s rescuers transported all the injured and unconscious people to the first aid station. All efforts to evacuate the people, find and rescue the injured took just about 15 minutes.

More than 80 people and about 20 units of equipment, including 40 people and 12 units of equipment, including a fire engine ladder and a skylift, provided by the Russian Emergencies Ministry were involved into the drill.