Omsk firemen rescue raccoon (video) rss

01 February 2018 10:49
Omsk firemen rescue raccoon (video)

Omsk firefighters carried out an unusual rescue operation yesterday when they rescued a raccoon trapped in a vent shaft of a residential building.

A 5-month animal has recently become a pet in a local family. Children named her Elli. Getting familiar with the flat, the raccoon climbed a fridge, opened the door to the vent shaft and fall into it. She had spent there almost 24 hours, when firefighters came to the rescue. After making sure that the raccoon was safe, they used a perforator and a crowbar to make a hole closer to the floor. However, the animal did not want to give up to rescuers and started climbing up the shaft. She almost escaped to the upper floor, but the firefighters managed to pull her from the shaft with great effort and then passed her into the hands of the owners. The animal was not hurt, but looked scared.

“I have never had to rescue a raccoon for 18 years of my service in the Emergency Ministry,” said Mikhail Oreshko, chief of brigade of the Omsk fire and rescue station. “We had to be very careful to avoid being bitten.”


Omsk firemen rescue raccoon

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