2030 People and Territory Protection State Policy Basics adopted rss

11 January 17:01

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has adopted the 2030 People and Territory Protection State Policy Basics. The Presidential Decree was published at the official website of legal information.

The document stresses that the Single State Disaster Management System operates under conditions of geopolitical instability and amid new comprehensive interrelated threats to the national security of Russia.

The main threats are natural disasters, including those connected with global climate changes, man0caused accidents and catastrophes, dangerous infectious human, animal and plant diseases related to urbanization and growing intensity of migration.

Tasks of the state policy in this area are higher efficiency of risk management, development of early detection of dangerous natural phenomena and processes, use of distance monitoring systems, including those using satellites, development of air rescue technologies, creation of specialized robotics and a whole range of other missions.

The document also elaborates on the mechanisms of implementing this policy, indicators of the state of human and territory protection, supply of resources for corresponding measures and some other aspects.