Rescuers evacuate injured from Sea of Okhotsk rss

11 January 13:49
Rescuers evacuate injured from Sea of Okhotsk

Responders of the Emergency Ministry’s Khabarovsk Air Rescue Center have flown a Mil Mi-8 helicopter today to evacuate an injured man from a ship in the Sea of Okhotsk.

The Crisis Management Center of the Emergency Ministry’s Magadan Region Directorate learned about the incident from specialists of the territorial disaster medicine center. According to a caller, the injured man was in urgent need of medical aid and that there was no way he could get to the shore.

The Emergency Ministry’s Mi-8 with rescuers and medical workers aboard took off immediately. On arrival, the helicopter hovered a few meters above the ship. The rescuers used special equipment to lift the injured aboard the helicopter. The man was quickly transported to Magadan and passed over to EMTs.