Russian Government passes amendments to fire ban regulations rss

09 January 10:30

The RF Government has passed amendments to the Fire Ban Regulations binding property owners to remove trash and mow down grass regularly. The regulations forbid to burn grass and make fires near motorways or railroads with the corresponding decisions being published at the website of the Government.

The decision makes amendments to rules for owners of properties located within settlements, gardening or suburban non-commercial communities or associations with regard to removing trash and mowing down grass.

They are also banned from growing spiked grains and burn grass within rights of way and protected areas of railways, viaducts and delivery ducts, within rights of way and easement areas of motorways.

Owners of agricultural lands now have to take steps to protect their lands from being overgrown with weeds and to mow down hay on hayfields

The document defines fire safety measures for stationary harvesters and other machines used for harvesting.