Winners of Hero Children nomination named at “Constellation of Courage” Festival awarding ceremony rss

04 December 2017 18:20
Winners of Hero Children nomination named at “Constellation of Courage” Festival awarding ceremony

Young heroes who displayed courage and valor in crisis situations and came to help those in trouble have been awarded at the awarding ceremony of IX All-Russian Safety and Rescue Festival “Constellation of Courage”. Children and teenagers from different parts of the country got awards in special nominations – “Young Lifeguard”, “Young Rescuer”, “Best Team of Young Firefighters”, “Best Cadet Fire and Rescue Corps of the Emergency Ministry” and “Extraordinary Young Correspondent”.

The awards and presents were given by Minister for Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov, Children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova, Chairman of the Supreme Council of all-Russian NGO Russian Uniot of Rescuers Sergei Shchetinin and vice-chairman of the State Duma Irina Yarovaya.

There are 22 winners. Though young, they helped to prevent real tragedies. Many of them take active part in social life, they are bloggers and TV hosts, and are learning to be rescuers.

“When somebody’s life is in your hands for even a minute and there are fractions of second to make a decision to help and save, not everybody get such a challenge from live,” said the Children’s ombudsman. “You can’t explain how to be a hero, but you can show it.”

Ms. Kuznetsova thanked the Emergency Minister for an opportunity to take part in the awarding ceremony and added that not likes in the internet show heroes, but sincere gratefulness from people for rescued lives.

“Hero children” is the most touching nomination of the Festival. Each year, stories of young heroes strike with selflessness and courage. Young rescuers help not only their peers, but adults and sometimes act even more bravely than mature people.

Young hero Masha Komissarova was awarded by the Minister. She comes from a large family with seven more children. Masha was the only one who did not lose her head when a fire had started in their house. The fire had spread quickly and the children ran in panic… Masha’s 7-year-old brother had hidden in a wardrobe, while Masha was in next door room. When she had heard her brother cry, she had rushed to save him. She had practically snatched the little boy from flames and run outside. She had suffered multiple burns, but saved his life.

Aleksei Ustyuzhin was playing near a children’s art center in the settlement of Mago, Khabarovsk Territory, when he heard cries for help from the local lake. An elderly man had decided to try out his boat after winter, but it capsized and he fell into icy water. He could not get out because his boots and clothes were pulling him down.

Aleksei had jumped into water in the dark. The man was holding tight onto his boat and the boy had had to drag the man together with the boat.

Each year the Festival is becoming more interesting and bigger. A special feature of this-year Constellation of Courage is that it has more nominations for children. A young rescuer, young lifeguard, best team of young firefighters and best cadet school went onto the stage.

The Emergency Ministry can be sure of safety of those children. And though not all of them are going to be rescuers, but they can always come to the rescue. 

A special guest of the ceremony was 5-year-old Yelisei Radchenko. He had written a letter to the Minister asking an opportunity to visit the Ministry and get a real fire helmet. Today, the boy and his mother stepped on the scene to get the long-awaited present from the hands of Mr. Puchkov. Yelisei told the whole public that he wanted to become a firefighter and caused everybody to cheer.