Emergency Situations Minister opens IX All-Russian Safety and Rescue Festival “Constellation of Courage” (video) rss

04 December 2017 18:06
Emergency Situations Minister opens IX All-Russian Safety and Rescue Festival “Constellation of Courage” (video)

Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov has today opened the awarding ceremony of the XI All-Russian Safety and Rescue Festival “Constellation of Courage” at the Fundamental Library of the Lomonosov State University of Moscow. More than 50 best specialists of the Emergency Ministry, representatives of other agencies and public who came to the rescue of those in trouble, won the awards. Hero children and journalists are also among prize winners.

In his opening remarks, the Emergency Minister noted that the Emergency Ministry works with honor and maximum efficiency to protect people and territories against emergency situations. This year more than 200 thousand people were saved from catastrophes and disasters, more than 100 thousand man-caused fires were put out and some 230 emergency situations were responded to.

“This result is possible thanks to high level of professionalism and full devotion of firefighters and rescuers, pilots, bomb-disposal technicians, mine rescuers, inspectors of the State Small Vessels Inspectorate and others. For employees of the Emergency Ministry to help people is not only a daily job to be done, but their true vocation and meaning of life,” Mr. Puchkov said.

The Minister pointed out that satellite monitoring system was continued to be developed this year, risk modelling and projecting systems were adopted and a new format of disaster prevention was implemented as part of the United Nations strategy.

“Adoption of new technologies, purchase of firefighting and rescue equipment of good quality, uniforms and gears, enhancing professional skills are all the credit of senior officials of the Emergency Ministry on all levels and those who go on duty every day,” the Minister stressed.

According to Mr. Puchkov, the Emergency Ministry enjoys respect in the world and this is the credit of all specialists of the Ministry and forces of the Single State Disaster Management System.

Journalists, who have been not just partners of the Ministry for over a quarter of a century, but true friends, are also among the winners. Working together with employees of the Ministry during crisis situations, they not only empathize with them, but tell people about hard working days of rescuers and firemen and draw people’s attention to security issues.

A special category of winners is hero children, who though young still displayed courage and valor in most difficult situations. We know a lot of examples when, those brave children listened to their heart and commit true heroic deeds and act in extreme situations more fearlessly and decisively than adults.

“Those boys and girls displayed strength of mind, character and courage rescuing others under most complicated conditions,” Mr. Puchkov said.

The galaxy of “Constellation of Courage” is going to get new shining stars, the whole country can be proud of. The Emergency Minister thanked everybody for the work they did and congratulated the winners of the Festival and wished then sound health and wellbeing, success and professional victories.

“I would like to thank the team of the Emergency Ministry, who work in peaceful time, all those who operates the emergency monitoring and forecasting system, inspecting authorities, testing laboratories and all the colleagues working to save people,” added the Minister.

The awards – a diploma and statuette “Builder of the Emergency Ministry” – will be given to each of the winners by senior officials of the Emergency Ministry, members of the State Duma and of the Federation Council, famous politicians and public figures, representatives of science, culture and arts, heads of federal mass media.   


Emergency Situations Minister opens IX All-Russian Safety and Rescue Festival “Constellation of Courage”

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