New fire and rescue equipment supplied to Russian constituents rss

03 December 2017 12:10
New fire and rescue equipment supplied to Russian constituents

New fire and rescue equipment, vehicles and mobile heating stations are being supplied to the Russian constituent entities. new equipment boost efficiency of response to large-scale emergencies, man-caused accidents, considering dynamics of many emergencies, as well as rough conditions for rescuers.

Fire fighters of Transbaikalian Territory received seven new fire engines with improved performance.

The Fire and Rescue Station NO.5 of Chita received two new fire engines on off-road chassis. Now fire fighters are capable of protecting suburban settlements and private sector of the town.

A fire engine with equipment made by Rosenbauer Company was supplied to the town of Krasnokamensk. A compact water tank is great for maneuvering in urban environment. Fire and rescue equipment on board of the vehicles allows using it not only in fires, but to mitigate traffic accidents.

New vehicles were also supplied to fire stations of small towns in Chernyshevsk, Ulyoty, Balei and Mogocha Districts.

Next year, fire fighters of Transbaikalian Territory will received 3 more fire engines. Every new unit significantly increases preparedness of fire fighters and boosts capabilities in taking out fires.

New mobile heating station Kovcheg was supplied to rescuers of Tula. The station will be used to create necessary conditions for keeping people alive and healthy during emergencies, traffic accidents on motorways and adverse weather conditions.

The heating station is a deployable inflatable structure, capable of accommodating up to 20 people. Design of the station allows deployment of the whole station in just 20 minutes by two rescuers.

Kovcheg Station has all the necessary rescue equipment, medical bed and first aid kits, stove, warm clothes, recharging device for cell phones and other equipment, necessary for rendering of aid to people in trouble.

Rescuers of Ulyanovsk received a new mobile complex of highly-maneuvarable fire and rescue vehicles, name Cuirassier. The complex includes five vehicles: a KAMAZ truck, two fire and rescue BMW motorbikes, one fire and rescue quadbike with a trailer.

The complex is designed for delivery of personnel and specialized equipment for fire and rescue operations: taking out fire sources, immediate rescue operations, as well as mitigation of traffic accidents.

The motorbikes are equipped with fire extinguishers and tools for extrication of people from cars. Maneuverability and performance of the motorbikes decreases the time necessary to get to the scene by 3 times in comparison with regular rescue vehicle.

Truck with KAMAZ chassis consists of two sections: habitable and cargo modules. Habitable module is designed for relaxation and on-duty service of three people. It has three couches with lockers, a cooking station, a dry closet and hygiene module, dressers and shelves for helmets and breathing apparatuses.

Cargo module stores fire and rescue equipment, as well as a high-pressure pumping station, 100-liter tanks for fire fighting liquids and foaming agents. Axes, saws, shears and other fire and rescue equipment are stored in cases. Pressure hoses are stored in lockers that hold hoses tight and prevent them from tangling. Cargo module also had devices for storing and mechanized extraction of a quadbike and motorbikes.

A remote-controlled lighting station, consisting of LED lighting mast and motorway lighting station with road signs, is installed on the roof of the vehicle.