Constellation of Courage 2017: winner in nomination “Young Reporter” rss

02 December 2017 11:03
Constellation of Courage 2017: winner in nomination “Young Reporter”

 The Russian Emergencies Ministry and the Argumenty i Fakty Publishing House have concluded results in the nomination Young Reporter in the Constellation of Courage 2017 Festival.

Children of age from 9 to 14 took part in the competition and presented their stories about the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s activities. The children, inspired by the Russian Emergencies Ministry motto, “Prevention, rescue, helping”, presented and sent their articles, poems, essays, pictures, video plots about the noble professions of fire fighters, rescuers and heroic deeds of regular people.

The third place in the competition took the picture named “The main objective is rescue!” by Alexander Kosterev from the town of Vyazma, Smolensk Region. The second place was taken by Gennady Kalashov and Yegor Manuilov from Moscow with a video plot named “Rescue of people for the sake of own life”.

The winners are Vladislava Osisorova and Sofia Serkova from the town of Vorkuta, Komi. They shot a video plot named “Rescuer is not a hobby. Rescuer is a profession” about fire fighters of the 31st Fire and Rescue Station of Vorkuta.

The children have been visiting a journalism hobby group in the local community center. According to the head of the Center Irina Maratkanova, Vladislava Osisorova was a reporter, while Sofia Serkova worked as a cameraman. For the most part, the plot was edited by them, almost without help of the teacher.

The girls said that they chose to shoot at the firefighting station, because fire fighters always glad to see them. Whole video was shot in a day and several more days were spent on editing.

The winners will received diplomas of the Constellation of Courage Festival and commemorative presents.