Russian Emergencies Ministry to assist launching 117 Helpline for children and families rss

14 November 2017 13:30
Russian Emergencies Ministry to assist launching 117 Helpline for children and families

The Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has held a meeting with the Children's Rights Commissioner for the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova in the National Crisis Management Center today to discuss interdepartmental cooperation, as well as implementation of a socially important project for children.

The main topic of the meeting was assistance of the Emergencies Ministry in implementation of a new project – 117 Helpline for families.

“The Russian Emergencies Ministry will provide necessary consultative and practical aid in creation and launching of the 117 Helpline for families”, assured Vladimir Puchkov.

This Helpline is purposed to serve as the social navigator, aimed at interdepartmental cooperation of efforts to provide aid to families, women and children in hardships. By calling this number, you will get consultation on any concerning matters and advice how to deal with the situation.

“Cases of disappearance and search for children, that we have to deal with, show us that we need efficient and fast coordination of all departments. National search service will not only resolve the problem, but also will provide cooperation with volunteer groups that exist in almost every constituent entity of our country. Today we are shifting towards multifunctional centers in all fields of interaction between citizens and the state. This approach must be used in search for the lost people”, said Anna Kuznetsova.

Efficiency of cooperation between the agencies was also discussed during the meeting.

“We will continue developing potential of cooperation between the Emergencies Ministry’s territorial bodies and representatives that protect children’s rights. Close cooperation in this field is necessary for rapid response to every problem, connected with violation of these rights, security and safety of children, provision of aid and support”, said Vladimir Puchkov.

Cooperation between the agencies is based on Agreement between that was signed a year ago – prevention of child mortality due to fires, supervision for fire safety requirements in crowded places, involvement of the Emergencies Ministry into search and rescue operations and search for lost children. The Russian Emergencies Ministry engages aircraft to transport gravely ill and injured children in emergencies in Russia and abroad.