Russian Emergencies Minister decorates hero-children in Penza Region rss

10 November 2017 17:10
Russian Emergencies Minister decorates hero-children in Penza Region

The Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has examined preparedness of the specialized Fire and Rescue Station “Unit No.6 of the Federal Fire Fighting Service in Penza RegioN”, the Penza Region Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry and has decorated the hero-children.

The Minister examined fire and rescue vehicles, preparedness of the airmobile team and met with the personnel of the station.

The fire and rescue station has 15 units of equipment at its disposal, including quadbikes, snowmobiles and UAVs. 20 specialists mount a guard every day, using 2 fire engines, fire motor ladder, rescue vehicles and fire hose vehicle.

Recently fire fighters and rescuers received uniforms of a new standard, which was approved this summer. The uniform was developed considering peculiarities of climate zones, as well as comfort of the Emergencies Ministry’s employees via online-voting on the Emergencies Ministry’s web-site. All proposals on improvement of the uniform were taken into consideration. Several tools were excluded from the uniform as they are no longer used or have no practical use in daily routine of the Federal Fire Fighting Service’s employees. Uniforms of the new standard are being supplied to all fire and rescue stations of our country.

The Minister Puchkov also handed departmental awards of the Emergencies Ministry, such as Medals for Valor during Fire to 6 employees that displayed courage, as well as to the young heroes of Penza Region: Pavel Romzheyev was decorated by Medal for Rescuing of Drowning People and Maksim Sakve was decorated by the Emergencies Ministry’s Medal for Valor during Fire.

Pavel Romzhayev performed his deed during a trip through Kladbishchensky Pond. They detected a drowning fisher. Without hesitation, Pavel’s father stopped the car and ran to the trunk to get the rope, while Pavel called the Dispatcher Service of Narovchat District to report the accident. Under father’s control, Pavel crawled on thin ice to the fisher to hand him a rope. After he ensured that the fisher holds the rope tight, he helped to get the fisher on the solid ground. Upon arriving of rescuers, son and father were already rendering first aid to the fisher.

The second young hero is Maksim Sakve, who rescued his mother by himself from a burning apartment. On 26 March he smelled a smoke. He opened the door of his room and detected heavy smoking and heard his mother crying for help. He did not hesitate and called firemen for help. He put on a wet towel on his face and crawled to the room to his mother. He managed to get unconscious mother out of the apartment before the fire fighters arrived to the scene and rendered necessary first aid.