Vladimir Puchkov meets representatives of veteran and cadet organizations rss

11 November 2017 11:35
Vladimir Puchkov meets representatives of veteran and cadet organizations

The Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has met with the representatives of veteran and cadet organizations of the Emergencies Ministry and also has decorated young heroes that came to help people in trouble.

The first cadet form was created in the School No.26 of Sarasnk in 2000 under the Emergencies Ministry’s aegis. Specialized forms for fire fighters or naval cadets are watched over by the local Emergencies Ministry’s directorate. The number of cadets, willing to join fire fighters’ brotherhood from the youngest age increased every year and now there are more than 4,000 of such cadets.

The meeting has been held in informal setting. The children and professors told the Minister about the teaching process, future professions and asked the Minister questions.

Vladimir Puchkov presented the form a TV-set, as well as thanked the faculties for their contribution to training and teaching basics of life safety to the children and keeping the Ministry’s traditions. In turn, cadets gave the Minister a memorable souvenir.

Awarding ceremony for heroic deeds of Darya Marchenkova nd Vasily Belov was held.

Last summer, Darya Marchenkova, student of the School No.25 of Saransk, helped a drowning young man at Suzgarye Lake in Ruzayevka District. The girl was swimming on an airbed and saw a drowning young man, who was waving his hands. At that moment she knew, she was the only one to help him. She gave the airbed to the drowning young men and she swam to the shore. thanks to her deed, the young man was rescued. Vladimir Puchkov handed Medal for Rescuing of Drowning People to Darya Marchenkova.

The Emergencies Minister also handed the Medal for Valor during Fire to the 6-form student Vasily Belov from the School No.1 of the settlement of Torobeyevo. In August of this year the boy detected a fire in a building on the street where he lives. He raised alarm and woke up the residents of the house, helped them get out from the building and tried to take out fire until fire fighters arrived.

The Minister also gave a Labrador puppy to the boy. The dog has pedigree, as its mother serves in the Rescue Service of Mordovia.

“All of you acted like real fire fighters and rescuers”, said the Minister. “You saved lives. This is very noble, you are great people”.

The children thanked the Minister and said that there were no other choices in these situations.

The Minister also had a meeting with the veterans and thanked them for their efforts with younger generations. “You pass on the most important to the youth – traditions of the firemen’s brotherhood. I am grateful for your efforts!”, said Vladimir Puchkov.




Lyceum No.25 in Saransk was the first one in Mordovia to start a cadet form. 8th Military and Educational Cadet Form was created under the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s aegis on 1 September 2000. Back then, there were only boys in the form. Shortly after, cadets classes started to specialize. A form for naval cadets was created in the School No.3 of Saransk in 2005. Since then, these forms bear the name of Fyodor Ushakov, the great Russian Admiral, closely related to Mordovia. The town of Ardatov has a form, dedicated to firemen cadets. There are about 4,000 cadets in 35 schools of Mordovia.

The Russian Ministry of Interior, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Navy, Cossacks and many other structures actively support cadets in Mordovia. But the Emergencies Ministry’s Mordovia Republic Directorate that started this initiative remains the main curator and mentor for the cadets.

The veteran organization for firemen and rescuers in Mordovia was established on 13 May 2013.

There are 758 veterans in all, including:

-          649 veterans of the State Fire Service;

-          60 veterans of Civil Defense Forces;

-          5 veterans of the Great Patriotic War;

-          8 veterans of the Soviet-Afghan War;

-          23 veterans of military operations;

-          6 liquidators of the Chernobyl Accident;

-          111 women-veterans.

Veteran organizations have been established in every division of the Federal Fire Fighting Service, subordinate to the Emergencies Ministry’s Mordovia Republic Directorate.

The Statute and the Council of Veterans of 15 people were approved at the constituent meeting.

Veteran organization has its own building with telephone line and necessary equipment.