Russian Emergencies Ministry hands new vehicles to fire fighters and rescuers of Mordovia rss

11 November 2017 10:15
Russian Emergencies Ministry hands new vehicles to fire fighters and rescuers of Mordovia

The Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has handed 20 certificates for modern fire and rescue vehicles to fire fighters and rescuers of Mordovia within his working trip to the Republic. The new vehicles include 9 fire engines, two command vehicles, a jetski, as well as resuscitation vehicle. New vehicles will be used to provide safety during 2018 FIFA World Cup matches, as well as to mitigate emergencies in the Republic.

“For the first time, motorbikes, quadbikes, specialized vehicles for adverse fire and complex rescue operations were supplied to Mordovia”, said the Minister during the handing ceremony on the square of Saransk. “Robotics, UAVs, the most modern Russian-made equipment, superior to foreign designes, will be supplied to the divisions”.

He also added that supply of new fire and rescue equipment will be continued.

Certain types of vehicles have been supplied to the Republic for the first time, such as fire and rescue motorbikes PSM F800GS. These bikes are designed for immediate arrival of the Emergencies Ministry’s personnel to the scene in heavy traffic conditions. The motorbikes may be used in taking out local fire sources, immediate rescue operations and mitigation of traffic accidents. Bike may be used as a separate unit or in a pair with other model for more complex tasks. PSM F800GS is capable of accelerating up to 185 km/h.

The Minister met with the personnel of the fire and rescue garrison and decorated the most distinguished specialists with departmental awards. Four specialists were awarded For Valor during Fire medals, two with For Distinguished Actions During Mitigation of Emergency medals. Six more people received from the Minister medals For Eagerness.

The Minister also examined preparedness of personnel and equipment of Fire and Rescue Station No.1 to respond to emergencies.

This fire and rescue division protects the northeastern part of Saransk Urban Area (Oktyabrsky District). The station is designated  to protect 3 microdistricts and 10 suburban settlements, populated by more than 110,000 people.

6 venues that will be used during 2018 FIFA World Cup are located within the Station’s protection area. Two essential venues lie within the station’s reach – the Mordovia-Arena Stadium for 45,000 spectators and the airport that will daily accommodate planes from other countries with guests on board.

The Minister highly praised maintenance of the equipment in the Station. Vladimir Puchkov also met with the fire fighters and asked them about peculiarities of the station and by the old fire fighters’ tradition, wished them to keep the fire hoses dry.




The Single State Disaster Management System subsystem of Mordovia consists of 82 structures, 6,278 people of personnel, 1,114 of which are on daily duty, 543 units of equipment in all, 117 of which are on daily duty.

Mordovia has 1 territorial fire and rescue garrison and 23 local garrisons. The territorial garrison consists of:

Federal Fire Fighting Service – 25 divisions (1,196 people, 122 units of equipment);

Fire Fighting Service of the Republic – 12 divisions (295 people, 54 units of equipment);

Volunteer fire fighters - 141 divisions (396 people, 152 units of equipment);

In-house Fire Fighting Service - 21 divisions (366 people, 52 units of equipment);

Private Fire Fighting Service - 2 divisions (38 people, 4 units of equipment).

About 500 people and 270 units of equipment are on daily duty.

Three bases were established to boost response efficiency to major and complex fires and immediate rescue operations:

1)      Base No.1 in Saransk;

2)      Base No.2 in the settlement of Torbeyevo;

3)      Base No.3 in the settlement of Komsomolsky.

The number of fire fighting service units has increased by 47% and the number of divisions has increased by 30% in the Republic over the last 5 years.

The airmobile team was created in Mordovia Republic Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry to respond to emergencies caused by floods, wildfires, major man-caused accidents, major traffic accidents, collapse of buildings and structures and radiation, chemical and biological contaminations. The airmobile team consists of 100 people and 12 units of equipment (equipment may vary depending on the type of emergency).


Information about the Emergencies Ministry’s fire and rescue divisions.

The Saransk Search and Rescue Center (branch of the Volga Regional Search and Rescue Unit) consisting of 43 people of personnel and 4 units of special vehicles, 6 units of auxiliary equipment and 2 boats is located in Mordovia.


Information about search and rescue service in Mordovia.

The State Public Institution “ Fire and Rescue Service of Mordovia” – 75 people (21 units of rescue, engineering and auxiliary equipment.

The State Public Institution “Disaster Medicine Center of Mordovia” – 15 people (9 units of equipment, including 4 ambulance vehicles and 5 units of auxiliary equipment).