Car show of newest fire and rescue vehicles in Mordovia rss

11 November 2017 16:38
Car show of newest fire and rescue vehicles in Mordovia

A car show of the newest fire and rescue vehicles has taken place today on the streets of Mordovia. The vehicles were handed to the Republic by the Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov within his working trip.

Presentation of the new vehicles took place on Sovetskaya Square of Saransk, launching the car show through the city. Residents and guests of the town could examine 20 new vehicles: fire and rescue motorbikes PSM F800GS, fire engines, command vehicles and other equipment.

The Acting Head of the Central Regional Center of the Emergencies Ministry Major General of Internal Service Valeriy Sinkov laucned the show.

During the stops residents of the city took photos with new vehicles. PSM F800GS motorbikes were a surprise for the citizens. These bikes are designed for immediate arrival of the Emergencies Ministry’s personnel to the scene in heavy traffic conditions. The motorbikes may be used in taking out local fire sources, immediate rescue operations and mitigation of traffic accidents. Bike may be used as a separate unit or in a pair with other model for more complex tasks. PSM F800GS is capable of accelerating up to 185 km/h.

New vehicles will be used to provide safety during the 2018 FIFA World Championship, as well as for mitigation of emergencies in Mordovia.