Emergencies Minister orders holding exercises for communal services’ personnel in Penza Region rss

10 November 2017 15:15
Emergencies Minister orders holding exercises for communal services’ personnel in Penza Region

The Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has ordered holding additional exercises with personnel of the communal services of Penza Region during the meeting with the Governmental Emergency Response and Fire Safety Commission.

“Inspect preparedness of the specialists that maintain communal facilities and hold additional exercises”, said the Minister.

He also required paying special attention to stockpiling of expendable materials.

The Minister Puchkov highly praised preparedness of Penza Region for the winter season. “All services are ready. But the Governor and I planned additional measures to provide stable functioning of all communal services”, said Vladimir Puchkov.

Another important topic of a discussion was traffic safety at federal and local motorways during winter.

The Head of the Emergencies Ministry’s Penza Region Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry reported on preparedness of personnel and equipment to mitigate emergencies at the federal and local motorways. In particular, 30 task groups were formed to respond to emergencies and coordinate forces and equipment, located at the motorways, as well as monitor the situation in all districts of Penza Region. 41 mobile and 1 stationary heating stations that have hot food and medical aid for drivers were deployed.

The Traffic Police of Penza Region and other road services provide safety of traffic round the clock. The Crisis Management Center receives full information about the situation on the roads.

The on-duty shift of the Crisis Management Center of Penza Region uses 20 weather posts to monitor road surface on roads of Penza Region.

The group of forces, consisting of more than 1,400 people and about 700 units of equipment, is ready to respond to emergencies on roads.

Vladimir Puchkov also added that all risks must be considered and ordered organizing cooperation of all services, paying special attention to instructing of the population.