Assembly of Emergency Ministry’s rescue airmen in Crimea rss

12 October 2017 10:41
Assembly of Emergency Ministry’s rescue airmen in Crimea

An assembly of rescue pilots of the Russian Emergency Ministry from all over Russia continues in Crimea. Pilots and flight mechanics are upgrading their skills in rappelling rescuers and evacuation of the injured from water.

The specialists have had an exercise checking readiness of the aircraft and supporting equipment, but practiced hovering of an Emergency MInistry's Mil Mi-8 helicopter over water surface.

Pilots carried out the most complicated elements of rescue operations used during evacuation and rescue of the injured in an open sea when there is no shore in sight.

Rappelling of rescuers on an oil platform and subsequent evacuation of the injured aboard the helicopter were among the exercises. These elements are hard because pilots have to hover in a helicopter as close to the injured in water as possible.

Head of the Emergency Ministry’s Crimea Directorate Sergei Shakhov concluding the drill noted that an important task solved by specialists during such exercises is practicing cooperation and coherent actions of the aircraft crew and rescuers rappelling from its board.

“Such events are very important for Crimean peninsula as navigation actively develops in this region of Russia increasing the risk of emergencies. A similar rescue operation has been carried out recently – a man in need of urgent medical aid was evacuated from the PRAETORIUS ship,” he said. “The success of such rescue operation depends to a large extend on how well pilots and rescuers are trained.”

14 crewmembers (pilots and flight mechanics) from different divisions of the Emergency Ministry are taking part in the assembly.