Areas consumed by wildfires in Maritime Territory reduced by 1,000 ha (video) rss

11 October 2017 16:00

The areas consumed by wildfires in Maritime Territory have been reduced by 1,000 ha thanks to Emergency Ministry’s aerial crew, which includes 2 Beriyev Be-200ChS amphibious jets and an Ilyushin Il-76 plane. As of now, 9 fires have been put out and 30 more have been contained.

Both ground and aerial teams are now focusing their main efforts in Kavalerovo District, which has the largest number of fires. The amphibious jets made 4 flights dropping onto fires over 300 tons of fire retardant. They prevented the fires from spreading to two settlements populated by some 3,000 people.

In addition, 200 Emergency Ministry’s rescuers with necessary equipment and gears arrived in Maritime Territory from neighboring regions and are now battling the flames. Ministry’s specialists monitor the situation found the clock. There is no threat to settlements.

The wildfire situation in the region is still complicated. The state of emergency has been declared for 3 districts, while total fire ban has been announced for 8 more. Active efforts of municipal authorities among the local population prevented appearance of new wildfires, the cause of which in most cases is negligent behavior of people in forests.

More than 450 people and 106 units of equipment are fighting fires in forests. 


Areas consumed by wildfires in Maritime Territory reduced by 1,000 ha

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