Robots examine fire scene at Sindika shopping center (video) rss

10 October 2017 12:20
Robots examine fire scene at Sindika shopping center (video)

Specialists of the Emergency Ministry’s All-Russian Fire Defense Research Institute are using today robots to completely extinguish the fire at Sindika shopping center on the west of Moscow Circular Highway in Odintsovo District, outside Moscow.

LUF-60 and Uel-10 robots are deployed to put out the fire, water constructions and take apart the debris. They are also going to be used for visual examination of the scene and for taking samples which will help to find the exact place where the fire started and possible causes.

Unique remote-control mobile firefighting unit LUF-60 is designed for distance suppression in open and closed space when it is unsafe for firefighters to be in the fire area. It is also used to ventilate premises and to get rid of smoke with sprayed water.

Firefighting robot Yel-10 is designed to carry out operation in highly dangerous areas and to check and remove debris, to carry out rescue operation and to put out fires in high temperatures, radiation and chemical contamination of the area or if there is a threat of shrapnel damage. The robot is capable of containing up to 5 tons of fire retardant.

More than 350 people and over 180 units of equipment, including 3 water-bombing Kamov Ka-32 helicopters of the Emergency Ministry’s Zhukovsky Air Rescue Center and Moscow Aerial Center, unique pumping station Shkval, specialized fire and rescue equipment: sky lifts, aerials, fire engines. 


Commentary by deputy head of Robotics Office of Emergency Ministry's All-Russian Fire Defense Research Institute Yuri Nosoch

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