Team of Far Eastern rescuers in Maritime Territory increased by 200 people (video) rss

10 October 2017 10:55
Team of Far Eastern rescuers in Maritime Territory increased by 200 people (video)

100 rescuers have been dispatched today from Khabarovsk to Maritime Territory. They are employees of the Emergency Ministry’s Far Eastern SAR Unit and its branches in Birobidzhan, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Nakhodka, and Vladivostok. They are going to take part in stabilizing the wildfires situation in Kavaletorovo District. Another 100 rescuers of the Amur Rescue Center arrived in the region yesterday.

The rescuers have necessary equipment and gears to fight wildfires.

The situation in Maritime Territory is getting worse as the number of wildfires and burning areas keep on growing. Emergency Ministry’[s forces in the region have been put on high alert.

The Emergency Ministry has provided another aircraft to assist already working Mil Mi-8 helicopter and two Beriyev Be-200ChS planes. They are holding the fires back preventing them from spreading to settlements.

The Emergency Ministry’s Siberian Regional Center has recommended Rosleskhoz (the Federal Forestry Agency) to deploy some additional divisions to reinforce the terrain crews battling with the fires. Municipalities should intensify preventive efforts among the population and take all possible administrative measures – to ban visits to forests and to have law enforcement authorities and inspectorates see to it that the ban is not breached and fine violators of forest fire safety.

At the moment, some 400 people and 100 units of equipment are fighting wildfires in the region.

The wildfires are burning in 10 out of 22 districts in Maritime Territory. According to the latest information, on 10 October, there were 61 fires, while the burning area has grown by 300 ha over the past 24 hours and is now 2,600 ha. The cause of all of them is negligent behavior of people coming into forests for holidaymaking and hunting. 


Commentary by head of Emergency Ministry's Far Eastern Regional SAR Unit Georgy Iordanov

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