Emergency Ministry finishes relief operations in Maritime Territory rss

11 September 2017 10:21
Emergency Ministry finishes relief operations in Maritime Territory

The Emergency Ministry’s airmobile team involved in relief operations in Maritime Territory hit by a cyclone are leaving the region today.

6 municipalities – the town of Ussuriysk, Khsansky, Mikhalovka, Nadezhdinskaya, Oktyabrsky and Pogranichny Districts – were struck by the disaster on 7 and 8 September 2017. More than 2,500 detached houses and blocks of flats, over 2,400 yards and 17 social facilities in 35 municipalities got flooded owing to heavy rains.

The staff of the Emergency Ministry from Far Eastern and Siberian regions helped the residents to deal with the impact. 1,500 rescuers with special equipment and gears arrived at once to carry out relief operations.

They took special care about elderly and sick people, veterans, large families. They cleared yards, fixed fences and sidewalks, delivered food, medicines to people and helped them to get pensions and compensations.

The rescuers did a tremendous amount of work – they removed some 10,000 cubic meters of debris, cleared 3,430 yards, pumped water from 858 basements and dried 495 houses, brought back to normal 196 wells and 85 sewages, helped to 1,000 people.

In addition, the rescuers held safety lessons and taught school children how to act in the event of emergency.

Now, a month later, active relief operations are finished and administrations of municipalities are summing up the results.

Grateful residents of districts saw the rescuers off with applause and banners.

The Khasansky District Administration awarded a letter of commendation to the Far Eastern SAR Unit.

“The residents of the settlement of Barabash were the first to have suffered from the disaster. We got local people to render help to those worst-hit,” said head of the settlement Valery Kolesnikov. “Of course, the Emergency Ministry’s rescuers, both those who work here and those who arrived from other regions provided invaluable help. On behalf of all the residents I express deep gratitude to the rescuers, firemen and military of the Emergency Ministry for high level of professionalism and selflessness, for everything they did to bring life back to our settlements.”

Mayor of Ussuriysk Yevgeny Korzh also wrote grateful letters to the rescuers: “On behalf of the residents and administration of the town of Ussuriysk I thank you for your work, care, sincere intention to help people in distress. Thank you for your concern and support.”

Leadership of Mikhailovka District thanked rescuers at a ceremony in the village hall “for invaluable help to citizens in distress, concern, kindness and sympathy, high level of professionalism, competence, high sense of duty and responsibility, selflessness and coherent work during a crisis situation.”

Head of Nadezhdinskaya District awarded the rescuers with letters of commendations “For model citizenship displayed during relief operations”.

The rescuers keep receiving thankful letters from ordinary citizens whom they helped.