1-ton parachute mine successfully defused in Crimea rss

09 September 2017 17:28
1-ton parachute mine successfully defused in Crimea

A parachute mine, dropped from aircraft, was found and successfully defused in the Black Sea near the town of Feodosia in Crimea.

Local rescue service received a report about suspicious explosive object 400 meters away from the shore. Employees from the Special Naval Unit of the Crimean Republic Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry, as well as the task group of 4th Fire and Rescue Unit of the Federal Fire Service of Crimea took off to the scene immediately to identify the object.

The bomb techs identified the object as the German 1-ton parachute mine LMB-1000, which was lying there since the Great Patriotic War.

All city service were immediately informed about the defusing operation, including the Port of Feodosia was ordered to stop all vessels in the defusing operation vicinity. The shoreline was cordoned off for the sake of safety of the local residents.

Meeting of the Disaster Management Commission, featuring representatives of the city administration, Police the State Small Vessels Inspectorate, port of Feodosia and Border Service, was held to discuss defusing of the mine.

Over 200 people were evacuated from nearby beaches, the shoreline was cordoned off in 2 kilometer radius by State Small Vessels Inspectorate employees.

“Considering good weather and specification of the mine it was decided to destroy the mine where it was found – in the water”, said t he Head of the Crimea Directorate of the Emergencies Ministry Sergei Shakhov.

The mine was successfully destroyed several hours later. Upon explosion, divers examined the sea bottom once again.

25 people and 5 units of equipment from the Crimean Police Department, 19 people and 7 units of equipment, including 2 boats, provided by the Emergencies Ministry, were involved into defusing operation.