Parents of freshmen: Education, received in Civil Defense Academy of Emergencies Ministry is high-quality and relevant rss

09 September 2017 15:00
Parents of freshmen: Education, received in Civil Defense Academy of Emergencies Ministry is high-quality and relevant

Over 400 cadets and students of the Civil Defense Academy of the Emergencies Ministry took part in the oath and solemn obligation giving ceremony. Parents of the freshmen that visited the ceremony are proud for their children and consider the Academy the best one in educating paramilitary rescuers.

The Emergencies Ministry’s Civil Defense Academy has a lot of potential, providing the best education for the specialists in theory and on practice in the field of emergencies. The Academy educates specialists in lots of different fields that are relevant in the Emergencies Ministry and the Single State Disaster Management System.

Parents of the freshmen are confident in the faculty of the Academy which contributes not only knowledge to every student or cadet but a part of themselves.

“My son decided to become a rescuer. He dreamed to educate in one of the best educational facilities of our country. I’d like to thank the Ministry for opportunities for children all over Russia to educate here”, says Filipp Sinyuk from Simferopol, the father of the freshmen of the Command and Engineering Department.

Upon entering the Academy, his son Ivan became a real man. It is pleasant to see how he walks and looks. He is a true future officer.

“Our son was just a child when we sent him here. In just 2 months here he grew into a man, he became very responsible. We are proud of our son, we are glad that he overcame all challenges and passed entrance examinations. Here he will receive a noble and necessary profession of a rescuer”, said his mother Oksana Sinyuk.

According to Ivan Sinyuk, he always considered profession of a firefighter as the most noble and honorable. In 10-form of school he wanted to become a rescuer. He graduated the school with gold medal. He was choosing between the civil and military education, choosing the latter, as he was sure that he will acquire more skills and knowledge this way.

“I didn’t know much about the Academy. I didn’t even imagine that I had to complete basic combat training here. I did judo in school and this helped me to overcome all challenges”, said Ivan.

Dmitry Sarafanko came here from the town of Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region. He is the freshman in the Command and Engineering Department of the Academy and will receive education in Technosphere Safety. according to his mother Marina Sarafanko, education, received in Civil Defense Academy of Emergencies Ministry is high-quality and relevant.

“Oath giving ceremony is quite emotional. Every students eagerly awaited this very momeny. For two months we were training and preparing for the oath giving, we completed the basic combat training. It wasn’t easy, we had to pass lots of exercises. And today we marched on parade-grounds”, said Dmitry. “I am proud that the Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov visisted the ceremony and he heard our oaths to rescue people”.

Lots of challenges are awaiting the Civil Defense Academy’s freshmen in the future – they have to acquire theoretical knowledge and learn how to handle modern Russian rescue technologies. In just a few years they will spread all over the country to provide safety of the population.