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09 September 2017 11:50
Emergencies Ministry’s Civil Defense Academy holds oath giving ceremony for freshmen

The oath giving ceremony has been held today in the Emergencies Ministry’s Civil Defense Academy for the freshmen of the Command and Engineering Department, as well as the solemn obligation ceremony for the freshmen of engineering and humanitarian departments of the Academy.

The Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov, the Deputy Minister Vladimir Baryshev, the Chairman of the Central Council of Veterans of the Emergencies Minister Dmitry Mikhailik, heads of administration of the town of Khimki, community leaders and parents of the freshmen took part in the ceremony.

Vladimir Puchkov in the opening speech said new generation of cadets and students joins the Emergencies Ministry. He congratulated all the freshmen, faculty and the veterans of the Emergencies Ministry with this occasion.

“Everybody, who has given oath, will acquire the best theoretical knowledge in provision of safety of the population, as well as practical skills in handling modern technologies, implementation of comprehensive safety and the most modern approaches to rendering aid to the injured, developed in Russia”, said the Minister.

Vladimir Puchkov pointed out that the Civil Defense Academy’s banners are flying not only in Russia, but all over the world, where the Russian rescuers show professionalism and courage and readiness to complete the task in any conditions in the most adverse situations and emergencies.

“Graduates of the Academy complete the most complex tasks. They head territorial bodies of the Emergencies Ministry, search and rescue divisions and other structures in Russia. Graduates of the Academy sportingly hired in state companies and executive authorities”, said the Minister.

The Chairman of the Council of Veterans of the Emergencies Ministry Dmitry Mikhailik also referred to the freshmen and cadets in his speech.

“Today you gave an oath to loyally serve our great country and complete tasks, set by the Ministry. Let your efforts to glorify the traditions of our Ministry. Always take those as an example, who heroically deals with emergencies every day – rescuers and firemen of the Emergencies Ministry”, said Dmitry Mikhailik.

He also mentioned older generation in his speech – he told the faculty of the Academy to make everything possible to make the students march on the Red Square in Moscow upon graduation.

Parents of the freshmen also took part in the ceremony. They were proud of their children. Mother of one of the cadets, Natalya Tarasova congratulated the children and wished them to serve with honor.

“You will remember this oath for the rest of your lives. Lots of challenges await you in your life and you have the only way – forwards, to new achievements. And always remember, that we love you and are always waiting for you at home”, said Natalya Tarasova.

120 cadets of the Command and Engineering Department gave oath this year, while over 50 cadets of the Cadet Fire and Rescue Corps, 109 students of the Engineering Department and 150 students of the Humanitarian Arts Department gave a solemn obligation.

The Senior Priest from the Church of the Intercession of the Most Holy Mother of God attached to the Civil Defense Academy blessed young servicemen, who gave the oath of loyalty to the Fatherland.

A large concert was organized for the guests of the ceremony. The military orchestra, the Guard of Honor Company and the Nadezhda drum band performed for the guests. Students showed the dancing flashmob, while cadets showed hand-to-hand combat and rescue operation in extricating an injured person from a traffic accident.

The Civil Defense Academy is the main education and guidance center of higher education in the Emergencies Ministry. Its main field is training of specialists in protection of population and territories against emergencies.

Cadets and students serve in rescue divisions, managing bodies of the Emergencies Ministry, work in divisions that provide safety of the population.

Cadets and students of the Academy also serve as reserve of the Emergencies Minister. After the second year of education, all students obtain certificate of a rescuer, allowing them to be involved into mitigation of emergencies.

According to the Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov’s initiative, all students that graduated the Academy with honors are offered to work in the structural divisions of the Emergencies Ministry’s Central Office.

In 2017 the Civil Defense Academy celebrates 25th anniversary. Over 4,000 highly qualified specialists have graduated from the Academy since its establishment.


Emergencies Ministry’s Civil Defense Academy holds oath giving ceremony for freshmen

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