Psychologists render aid to families of miners, remaining in mine rss

12 August 2017 13:41
Psychologists render aid to families of miners, remaining in mine

Rendering of psychological aid is crucial part of operations at the Mir Mine in Sakha (Yakutia). All efforts of psychologists are aimed at support of people, whose relatives remain in the mine, which was flooded on 4 August.

20 highly qualified psychologists from the Emergencies ministry, the Ministry of the Interior and social services are working on site. 14 people, 9 of which arrived from other constituents, are in need of emergency psychological aid. Several psychological aid stations were deployed at the mine, in the hotel, where relatives of the miners are staying, and at the telephone Hotline are working round the clock.

“We received 542 calls since the disaster. Psychologists not only support emotional and mental condition of the callers, but also provide necessary information about progress of the search and rescue operation and measures taken by the EmergencyResponseCenter”, pointed out the senior Psychologist of the Hotline Yekaterina Proshina. According to her, the Hotline receives a lot of calls from people, who want to express condolences to the families of the miners. Often people offer help to those, who needs it due to the disaster at the mine.

The administration of the mine, town and regional governments are actively addressing all requests of the miners’ families.

The mine administration and the Emergencies Ministry’s representatives daily meet with the relatives of the miners. The people may ask everything they want about the search and rescue operations progress. Psychologists are always present on such meetings.

Psychologists also provide aid to the mine rescuers and miners, who are involved into search and rescue operation.

The Emergencies Ministry’s employees said that they will provide psychological aid in the town of Mirny till the people need it.

The managing bodies and forces of the Mirny town section of the Sakha (Yakutia) territorial subsystem of the Single State Disaster Management System and the Emergency Ministry’s Sakha (Yakutia) Directorate are operating under the state of emergency.

A telephone hotline 8 (4112) 39-99-99 was set up at the Sakha Directorate – 8 (4112) 39-99-99.