Rescuers helping people to cope with flooding in Maritime Territory (video) rss

11 August 2017 10:00
Rescuers helping people to cope with flooding in Maritime Territory (video)

Relief operations are underway in 6 municipalities of Maritime Territory. The main task Emergency Ministry’s rescuers have is to restore normal functioning of the society, operation of social infrastructure, healthcare facilities, clear debris and storm sewages, river beds and brooks from fallen trees.

In the past 24 hours Emergency Ministry’s brigades cleared 131 yards, removed 142 cubic meters of debris, pumped out water from 134 houses and cleared 29 km of storm sewages.

Responders from fire and rescue units of Maritime and Khabarovsk Territories have helped 40 residents of the settlement of Barabash, Khasansky District. They are helping them to restore fences, outhouses carried away by water and to take out furniture and things from flooded houses.

“I went to the second floor of the house to avoid water. I took the documents and valuables. When our neighbors came to me the water was waist high. I was frightened, the river came together from the two sides. Water came in fast streams. Now, when it has receded, we are putting everything in order. I am a widow, my husband built the fence part by part, then he welded them together and now it is very difficult to put it back. Rescuers are helping me, I would never be able to do that on my own. I am very grateful to them,” Galina Kolesnikova, a woman from the settlement of Barabash said.

A turbulent stream of water washed away a bridge connecting two parts of the settlement of Filippovka. Now one can travel across the river by boat or by wading. Rescuers of the regional SAR services work at the boat crossing 24 hours a day.

Life in Ussuriysk Urban District, the worst hit area, is now gradually coming back to normal. 18 public buildings, such as a school, day care center, children’s hospital and others remain to be repaired. Brigades are pumping out water from all of them, while rescuers are taking care about the premises.

Rescuers of the regional SAR team from Khabarovsk and of the Emergency Ministry’s Amur Rescue Center are working in the day care center. They are clearing silt from playgrounds and helping to level sand in sand boxes, welding the fence.

“Thanks to their help we can finish the work by the end of the weekend,” the headmistress of kindergarten No 9 of Ussuriysk Yelena Bugai said.

The children’s hospital is also being taken care of. Its premises along with the basement that house the archives were flooded with torrents of water. The rescuers helped to remove tons of wet archive documents to dry. In addition, all the surrounding area was littered with trash, trees and rocks carried in by water. The administration and staff of the hospital say that the amount of work done considerably shortens the time needed to put the hospital back into operation again.

16 settlements remain flooded.

More than 2,400 people and more than 400 units of equipment, including more than 1,700 people, 274 units of equipment, more than 60 boats and 2 aircraft provided by the Russian Emergency Ministry, are involved in the relief operations. 


Rescuers helping people to cope with flooding in Maritime Territory

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