Situation in Maritime Territory stabilizing gradually (video) rss

10 August 2017 18:40
Situation in Maritime Territory stabilizing gradually (video)

The flood situation in Maritime Territory is stabilizing gradually. Water levels in the rivers are going down and water has receded from Iktyabrsky District which has 652 houses and 5 social facilities. People are coming back to their homes.

245 houses and 1,015 yards remain flooded in 5 municipalities in the region.

More than 130 people are still staying in temporary shelters. Psychologists of the Emergency Ministry’s Maritime Territory Directorate, Center for Emergency Psychological Aid and Khabarovsk specialized fire and rescue unit are providing psychological aid to those in need of it. In the past 24 hours it was provided on 29 occasions.

Mobile brigades of Rospotrebnadzor (consumer rights protection watchdog) continue watching the quality of drinking water and of water in open waterways and discharged water. In the past 24 hours the specialists took another 9 samples of cold water from the water supply network, while in all they have examined 43 samples all of which meet the standards. Water at water supply points is being treated and additionally chlorinated.

Forces of the territorial subsystem of the Single State Disaster Management System, Emergency Ministry’s Maritime Territory divisions and airmobile teams from constituent territories of the Far East – Khabarovsk Territory, Amur Region, Jewish Autonomous Region are working in the settlements. Repair brigades are helping the affected people, by clearing the premises of social facilities – hospitals, day care centers, schools. They are delivering relief supplies, clearing storm sewages and river beds and repairing roads. The rescuers are assisting teams of powermen to restore power lines. Power has been almost fully re-established in Khasansky District.

Road service brigades are repairing 40 sections of motorways in the region. Out of 17 restored sections, 13 were repaired today. Train services are not disrupted, there are no flooded sections of railway tracks. Emergency Ministry’s responders are working round the clock at three boat crossings in Ussuriysk Urban District and in Khasansky District.

Emergency Ministry’s aircraft have made 14 flights to transport some 200 people and deliver about 5 tons of cargo. Their total flight time is about 30 hours.

A telephone hotline has been set up at the Emergency Ministry’s Maritime Territory Directorate and received about 80 calls in the past 24 hours. There is no social tension among the people.

More than 2,300 people and more than 400 units of equipment, including more than 1,700 people, 253 units of equipment, more than 60 boats and 3 aircraft provided by the Russian Emergency Ministry, are involved in the relief operations. 


Situation in Maritime Territory stabilizing gradually

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