Emergency Situations Minister meets head of volunteer search team Liza Alert rss

10 August 2017 12:30
Emergency Situations Minister meets head of volunteer search team Liza Alert

Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov has met today with head of volunteer search team Liza Alert Grigory Sergeyev.

They discussed further cooperation under the protocol signed by the Emergency Ministry and Liza Alert according to which professional rescuers and volunteers cooperate during search for missing people. The discussion focused on teaching citizens life safety rules.

“We have summed up today our joint efforts in searching for people who went missing in natural environment and solving a number of other very important issues, including teaching people life safety rules in the wild. We also together teach children how to swim and behave near bodies of water, how to help people in trouble,” Mr. Puchkov said.

He added that together with volunteers of Liza Alert Emergency Ministry’s specialists practice actions of fire and rescue and other divisions in the event people go missing in natural environment and cooperation with all NGOs.

Liza Alert is a team with a lot of experience in organizing massive search operations and other humanitarian missions. Emergency Ministry’s rescuers are present at each search operation doing the same thing as the volunteers. This cooperation has history and good outlook.

“The Ministry for Emergency Situations is one of the most efficient agencies involved in searching for missing people,” Mr. Sergeyev said.

Liza Alert is a non-governmental team searching for missing people. It has divisions almost in every region of the country. Liza Alert successfully runs search operations organizing and coordinating the actions at the scene and cooperates with Emergency Ministry’s rescuers and volunteers.