Novosibirsk rescuers test new decontamination equipment rss

09 August 2017 18:47
Novosibirsk rescuers test new decontamination equipment

Emergency Ministry’s rescuers in the city of Novosibirsk have tested today the latest decontamination equipment. They did that during an exercise where an accident happened at a heat power plant.

On the year of Russia’s Civil Defense, dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the civil defense system, special attention is paid to improving technical level of emergency rescue forces involved in management of disasters.

Decontamination of people, buildings, equipment and territories is one of 15 tasks of civil defense, which requires renovated equipment and technologies considering modern risks and threats.

An integrated decontamination center is the latest product of a special technologies research institution. The center consists of two KAMAZ trucks with trailers transporting the decontamination equipment – a three-chamber inflatable module. It has a changing room, a shower and another changing room for putting on clean clothes. Equipment is decontaminated inside special “envelopes” – they are inflatable baths up to 10 meters ling and with sides.

The integrated decontamination center is a large step in developing chemical and radiation protection. Its technical characteristics are superior to those of the equipment used before. Decontamination used to use a disinfection shower vehicle with capacity of 40 people an hour. The new center is capable of decontaminating 110 people and up to 60 units of equipment within the same period of time.

The exercise was organized to test the center. Emergency Ministry’s employees had to respond to a simulated chlorine leak. After all the response operations were finished, the rescuers and equipment were decontaminated to avoid letting the hazardous chemical leak beyond the emergency site.