Emergency Ministry’s divers and climbers run SAR operations under complex conditions at Mir mine rss

09 August 2017 16:03
Emergency Ministry’s divers and climbers run SAR operations under complex conditions at Mir mine

The round-the-clock SAR operation continues at the Mir mine under most complex conditions. All air holes made in the sides of the Mir pit and connected to mine tunnels where the missing miners may be trapped, have been checked.

Climbers have managed to get to the bottom of the 525-meter-deep pit. It took them almost 8 hours to do that. The sides of the pit are unstable as the rock mass is constant movement. According to the climbers, there is almost zero visibility because of dust and it is difficult to breath there. They have examined the whole of the planned search area giving sound signals.

The miners are being search in other areas as well. Divers have examined some 3 km of flooded mine tunnels.

“All passable tunnels were examined. Some mechanisms, rocks, pipes, everything that the water brought in, are in those flooded tunnels. It’s the first time we have to work under such conditions. Our air packs are designed for being used underwater, but here we have brine and liquid mud,” says leader of the Novokuznetsk Team of the Emergency Ministry’s National Mine Rescuers and Miners Training Center Nikolai Myasnikov, heading the mine rescuers.

Pipes down the shaft are being tapped and then follow minutes of silence, but no contact has been made with the missing miners yet.

Gas situation, ventilation and water levels are being monitored constantly in the areas where SAR operations are underway.

The administration of the mine and representatives of the Emergency Ministry meet regularly with the families of the missing miners keeping them updated on the progress of the operations, on the efforts planned and made. The technical council of the mine is now looking into all possible options of searching and rescuing the missing miners which would be safe for the responders.