Emergency Ministry’s rescuers continue helping people in Far East hit by floods rss

09 August 2017 10:43
Emergency Ministry’s rescuers continue helping people in Far East hit by floods

Relief operations are continued in Maritime and Khabarovsk Territories hit by floods.

Over the past day water receded from 1,617 houses in 6 settlements in Maritime Territory. 28 settlements, where there are 577 houses and 2,053 yards remain flooded.

Temporary shelters were deployed. People staying there are provided with meals, medical and psychological aid and essentials. Psychologists are working in each shelter - they are specialists of the Far Eastern and Siberian branches of the Emergency Ministry's Center for Emergency Psychological Aid, Emergency Ministry's Maritime and Khabarovsk Territories Directorates. Psychologists are also making house-to-house rounds to see how the people are and what they need. 

Efforts are underway now in the settlements free of floodwaters to restore essential services. Repair brigades made of Emergency Ministry’s responders, employees of housing and utilities services, representatives of enterprises and local government are working. Over the past day they cleaned from debris 156 yards and 12 km of storm sewages and pumped out water from 204 houses.

Divisions of the State Fire Service are supplying process water to all flooded settlements. Rescuers keep on working round the clock on a boat crossing over the Krounovka river. 124 people and more than 600 kg of cargoes were taken across the river by boats within the past 24 hours.

The team of responders have been reinforced by the Far Eastern Region SAR Team, airmobile teams from Amur Region and Khabarovsk Territory. The Amur Rescue Center, a total of more than 200 people and 19 units of equipment, including 9 boats.

An operations center is working at the Emergency Ministry’s Maritime Territory Directorate to collect and analyze incoming information, to coordinate actions of the forces and facilities. Interagency cooperation has been organized. The telephone hotline 8 (423) 239-99-99 continues operating. Distance psychological support and emergency psychological aid has been provided on nearly 400 occasions.

Power has been fully restored in the city of Khabarovsk. 12 yards of detached houses remain flooded there. Water has been pumped out from the basements of 17 blocks of flats and 2 social facilities.

2,164 people, 358 units of equipment with 74 boats and 3 aircraft among them, including 1,497 people and 221 units of equipment with 62 boats and 3 aircraft among them, provided by the Russian Emergency Ministry are involved in the relief operations.