Mine rescuers involved in SAR operations at Mir mine working under complex and dangerous conditions rss

08 August 2017 17:34
Mine rescuers involved in SAR operations at Mir mine working under complex and dangerous conditions

Search for 8 miners continues round the clock and under most complex conditions more than 600 meters deep under the ground at the Mir mine.

At present, there are 65 responders working there. The SAR operation is complicated by many tons of water flooding mine tunnels and threatening to flood the shaft. Pressure keeps bring in underground water: more than 40 thousand tons of water and mud accumulated above the tunnels.

Additional industrial high-capacity water pumps have been assembled to protect the mine from water and minimize the risk of flooding the sections where SAR operations are underway.

Safety of each shift of mine rescuers and other specialists is under strict control. Namely, each recovery operations starts with careful briefing at the control center. There is a rout the responders should take in the event of even slightest suspicion of danger.

Emergency Ministry’s specialists and mine’s workers are working in shifts 5-6 hours after which another shift starts working. This allows the operation continue constantly and gives mine rescuers working under most complex conditions to have a rest. In addition, slurry is now being shipped from the shaft (slurry – a mixture of water and mud in dredging work).

At the same time, the telephone hotline 8 (4112) 39-99-99 is operating at the Emergency Ministry’s Sakha Directorate. There is also an emergency operations center working round the clock on the scene, where Emergency Ministry’s psychologists are providing aid to the families of the injured miners. They are trying to take into account all details that may be of high importance for the people at the moment.

Rescue and other emergency operations continue at the mine. 339 people and 35 units of equipment, including 258 people and 27 units of equipment provided by the Russian Emergency Ministry, are involved in the SAR operations.