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16 July 2017 13:23
Five Minutes of Silence

Shooting of the second season of the Five Minutes of Silence TV-show takes place today in the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s National Crisis Management Center.

The Five Minutes of Silence TV-shows tells a story about daily routine of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s employees, who come first to help the people in distress. “Rescue operations” in the show display hard daily routine of a rescuer or a firefighter, as lives of people depend on their professionalism. Rescuers have to not only have good training, ability to act fast in stressful situations, work in a team and be ready to risk their own life to save others, but also trust each other.

The Five Minutes of Silence centers around the 42-21 Emergencies Ministry of Karelia Search and Rescue Unit. New specialist from Moscow Aleksander Grek (Roman Kurtsyn) joins a well-established team. Being one of the best students of the Civil Defence Academy, he was certain that he is going to serve in Moscow. But he was assigned to Karelian unit, headed by experienced and strict leader Gireyev (Igor Lifanov). The unit is famous among their colleagues for professionalism and ability to find the best way to avoid human casualties during emergencies.

The shooting of the Five Minutes of Silence TV-show started during summer of 2016 with cooperation with the Emergencies Ministry. The premiere screening of the 10-episode show took place in February 2017. The show received good reviews from the Emergencies Ministry’s employees and TV-viewers.