Vladimir Puchkov orders taking social protection of Emergencies Ministry’s workers under special control rss

14 July 2017 13:03
Vladimir Puchkov orders taking social protection of Emergencies Ministry’s workers under special control

The Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has carried out a meeting today, during which he required to pay special attention to social protection of personnel, provide comfortable service and labor for Russian Emergencies Ministry’s employees.

Vladimir Puchkov pointed out that during his working trips, employees all over the country ask him about clothing supply. The Minister ordered finish all projects on improving of special clothing as soon as possible, introduce new materials and take into consideration working conditions of fire and rescue equipment.

Currently, color scheme of Emergencies Ministry’s personnel clothing is being standardized, as well as unnecessary accessories are being excluded from the uniform. But at the same time, useful life of several elements of the uniform is being prolonged. New types of protection clothing, shoes and equipment for employees and personnel that take part in mitigation of emergencies in different climates are being introduced.

The Emergencies Ministry’s Boards has ruled out to pass all matters concerning clothing supply to the territorial bodies of the Ministry. Up until recently, the Logistical Support Office of the Central Office purchased the uniform for the personnel. As the Logistical Support Office is being abolished, territorial directorates will choose suppliers, minimize costs and assess quality all by themselves.

Additionally, the Emergencies Minister Puchkov demanded the heads of Emergencies Ministry’s Directorates to take paying out of salaries, bonuses, social payments under special control and reminded that every head of a directorate bears personal responsibility for this.

“All social matters must be under special control. It is unacceptable to prioritize managing and logistical divisions, while personnel that responds to fires, mitigates emergencies and traffic accidents receive no additional bonuses. Put things in order in this field”, said Vladimir Puchkov.

The Minister also reminded that provision of housing for the Emergencies Ministry’s employees must be simple and transparent.

“Every person that is eligible for housing must receive their share in accordance with legal acts. The same goes for high-tech medical aid. If your employees experience hardships, help them, resolve problems, provide aid, nobody must felt left out, including large families and veterans”, demanded the Minister.