Sergei Kadadov: 700,000 enterprises excluded from inspection list rss

13 July 2017 16:45
Sergei Kadadov: 700,000 enterprises excluded from inspection list

The Director of the Supervisory and Preventive Efforts Department of the Russian Emergencies Ministry Sergei Kadadov has answered today on questions of journalists during the press-conference in the TASS, dedicated to 90th anniversary of the State Fire Inspectorate.

“Since 2016 the Emergencies Ministry shifts from the total control to partnership, both with businesses and the population. We are shifting towards total inspections of facilities carried out by the State Fire Inspectorate”, said Sergei Kadadov.

He also pointed out that all facilities are divided into several danger categories, introducing the risk-oriented approach. “All facilities with low fire risks are excluded from the inspections. There are 700,000 of them already and we plan to increase this number if owners of such businesses will responsibly follow fire safety requirements”, clarified the Director.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry shifted from the major fines for fire safety requirements violations, which were taken up to May 2016. “We introduced changes to the legislation, which excluded major fines for legal entities for violation of fire safety requirements. Now the fine is 150,000 rubles, instead of 500,000 as before”, said Sergei Kadadov.

Assessment criteria for state fire inspectors were also changed. “We are no longer using so-called baculine system. Before efficiency of inspectors was assessed in accordance with the number of found violations, whereas now we take into consideration the number of fires, decreased number of injured and dead in fires. Thus, the number of preventive efforts is going to rise”, he clarified.

Sergei Kadadov also told about planned operations of the Emergencies Ministry.

“Every year we decrease the number of fires and affected people. We are planning to decrease thus number up to 30% to 2025. We reckon that we can manage that. The task is difficult but manageable, we have all opportunities and resources for that”, he said.

The Emergencies Ministry is carrying out comprehensive measures to achieve that goal. “We strive to perfect our supervisory activities. As of today, legal basis allows us to carry out inspections in different forms and using different approaches. We inform the population and legal entities on compulsory fire safety requirements”, pointed out Sergei Kadadov.

At the end of the press-conference Sergei Kadadov told the journalists about the yearly reducing administrative burden on small and medium businesses via introducing changes into existing legal documents.

“Yearly we introduce changes into lots of legal acts that reduce administrative burden for small businesses and public institutions”, he said.

Sergei Kadadov pointed out that the Department regularly meets representatives of small and medium businesses. “Recently we heard people saying that the attitude and approaches changed significantly, as well as the administrative application system. We even changed several Articles in the Code of Administrative Offences to decrease the administrative burden for small businesses. We actively seek and exclude out-dated and duplicated norms of application for the fire safety requirements and civil defence for the population”, pointed out Sergei Kadadov.