Vladimir Puchkov and Mikhail Abyzov sign resolution after All-Russian Forum of Open Government rss

18 May 2017 13:54
Vladimir Puchkov and Mikhail Abyzov sign resolution after All-Russian Forum of Open Government

Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov and Minister of the Open Government Mikhail Abyzov have signed a resolution after the All-Russian Forum of the Open Government, Emergency Ministry and the business platform of the All-Russian political party United Russia on the reform of inspecting activities and public discussion of law enforcement exercised by the Emergency Ministry’s inspecting institutions.

Performance of the Emergency Ministry show that there are positive results in improving functions of the Ministry’s state inspecting.

Due to well-coordinated work done by the Single State Disaster Management System (SSDMS), the wildfire situation has steady positive dynamics.

At the same time the Emergency Ministry keeps on introducing new forms and methods of work regarding higher quality of oversight, adoption of risk-based models of inspections and development of prevention.

Transition to the risk-based approach makes the foundation for adopting new format of inspection in Russia. Improved inspecting functions are characterized by replacing a repressive model by a partnership for a common purpose – safety of citizens and protection of territories against emergency situations.

Participants of the discussion acknowledged this format an efficient tool for cooperating with businessmen and to develop solutions for improved state oversight of the Emergency Ministry in ensuring rights and protecting interests of businesses and economic facilities as a whole. The signed resolution recommends federal executive authorities (parties to implementation of priority program) to consider the experience of the Emergency Ministry in introducing public discussions of law enforcing in Russian regions.

According to the recommendations stated in the resolution, the Emergency Ministry will continue improving state oversight as part of implementation of the priority program Reform of Inspecting, will eliminate excessive, duplicating or obsolete regulations, norms or rules, will focus on ensuring safety of high and considerable risk facilities when making early inspection plans. It will develop ministerial legal acts and regulations to determine the order for organizing and holding public discussions of the results of law enforcing and guides of compulsory requirements of inspecting bodies and to eliminate holding accountable either physical persons or legal entities for one and the same violation without enough evidence, etc.

Earlier the Emergency Ministry was recognized as the leader in adopting risk-based approach. This high rating is the result of consistent two-year work the Ministry has done to implement the administrative reform. Within a short time, the Ministry made a project of a state inspection passport which takes into account new approaches to inspecting. Implementation of the reform is being personally controlled by Emergency Minister Vladimir Puchkov.