Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov conducts meeting with permanent working group Governmental Commission rss

13 May 2017 15:10
Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov conducts meeting with permanent working group Governmental Commission

A meeting of the permanent working group of the Governmental Emergency Response Commission, headed by the Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov, has taken place in the National Crisis Management Center today, where flood situation in Russia has been discussed.

As of today, 197 houses and 22 low-level bridges in 19 settlements were flooded in 11 constituent territories of Russia.

The Minister Puchkov gave special attention to Ishim and Abatskoye Districts of Tyumen Reguion, where due to significant rise of water level in the IshimRiver houses and non-residential gardening plots were flooded in flood plains. He also noted well-organized efforts of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s forces that cooperate with local governing authorities and carry out necessary preventive efforts, including reinforcing hydraulic facilities, rendering of aid to the population, round-the-clock monitoring water level monitoring, as well as information of the population about measures taken and current situation.

“Rescuers are working round the clock until active stage of the flood fades away. I require all emergency services to constantly monitor development of the flood situation”, said the Minister during the meeting. Vladimir Puchkov also set an objective to the Emergency Response Committee of Tyumen Region to take immediately reinforce the group of forces if the situation gets worse.

Vladimir Puchkov also ordered taking all temporary shelters for residents of flooded houses under special control.

“I’m ordering supervisory department to take all temporary shelters under special control. Every single shelter must provide three meals a day, medical aid, recreation rooms and nurseries, and classrooms for pupils. Every elderly citizen must receive necessary aid and support”, ordered the Minister.

The Emergencies Minister also ordered taking small vessels under special control in constituents with spring flood in progress.

“in regions with high risks and major floods temporary enact prohibition on use of small vessels”, ordered the Minister to the Head of Water Safety Office.

Additionally, Vladimir Puchkov pointed out that in districts, where flood faded away, repair operations must be carried out as best as possible.

“Aid must be provided to every house, every gardening plot. Additionally, power supply, communication and transport must work non-stop”, pointed out the Minister.

During the meeting, the Minister also noted that all rescue and recovery units of the Russian Emergencies Ministry will provide aid in repairs in settlements, affected by flood.

Currently, Tyumen Region has the most adverse flood situation in the country. Ore than 130 houses are flooded in the town of Ishim and Ishim District, flood wave shifts towards the Abastkoye District, which can cause flooding of 6 more settlements.

“All forces of the Russian Emergencies Ministry will remain in their position after passing of the flood to help remove debris, mud and participate in repairs”, said Vladimir Puchkov during the meeting with the working group of the Governmental Emergency Response Commission.

He also asked governments of constituent territories to discuss with citizens all variants for providing of aid.

“Comprehensive group of the Emergencies Ministry in cooperation with your specialists is already assessing the damage caused by flood. Prepare requests, if aid from the Russian Government Reserve Fund is necessary”, said the Minister to the Governor of Tyumen Region Vladimir Yakushev. The Deputy Emergencies Minister Vladlen Aksenov coordinates mitigation of flood and provision of aid to hit population.

In turn, the Governor of Tyumen Region Vladimir Yakushev reported via videoconference that water level in the IshimRiver has started to decrease.

“The rescuers did their best to reinforce hydraulic facilities in the region, as they have to hold down large volumes of water”, said the Governor of Tyumen Region. He also reported to the Minister that main forces are concentrated around protection of the federal motorway that connects Tyumen Region to Omsk Region.

“The Federal Motorway also serves as the dam. We must prevent spillover of water and measures taken will allow us to do that”, said the Governor. He also added that high water level was forecasted this year in Tyumen Region. The population of the region was given the opportunity to evacuate their property to special storage facilities.

7 settlements were cut off from road network due to flooding of the federal motorway. Boat crossings were organized. Round-the-clock standby of medical workers and fire and rescue divisions of the Russian Emergencies Ministry was organized, as well as stock of foodstuffs and necessities for 7 days was created.

More than 1050 people and 270 units of equipment, with more than 70 boats among them, including 680 people and 111 units of equipment, with 48 boats among them and one aircraft and UAVs are involved into rescue operations.