Congratulation of Emergency Ministry Vladimir Puchkov on 72nd anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War rss

05 May 2017 07:33
Congratulation of Emergency Ministry Vladimir Puchkov on 72nd anniversary of Victory in Great Patriotic War

Dear veterans of the Great Patriotic War and colleagues!

Please accept out most heartfelt congratulations on the great and sacred for all of us day – the Victory Day! This day is the history of our country, joy and pain at the same time. Our people will always remember selflessness and courage of those who went through all the hardships of the Great Patriotic War.

Nobody has been forgotten and nothing has been forgotten. Festive fireworks will shoot up in the skies in the cities of our vast country as a symbol of joy, victory of good over evil. During the minute of silence we will bow our heads to remember millions of the killed, who gave the most precious thing they had – their lives – for this Victory.

Let us remember the deeds of soldiers of Brest Fortress and unprecedented heroism of defenders of Stalingrad, unparalleled endurance of people trapped in the besieged Leningrad and horrible torments of prisoners in concentration camps. Standing by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, by beds of honor and by thousands obelisks and memorials erected all over the country we will remember all those who had to go through the hardships of the war; we will remember privates and generals, soldiers who fought on the front line and commanders, people’s volunteers and partisans, those who toiled on the home front.

We keep memory deeds of local air defense and firefighters, who fearlessly defended cities against enemy’s shelling. We bow before bravery and will of those who at the breaking point restored buildings destroyed by the enemy.


It is important to remember great deeds of the past. History has many examples of people who went delirious, became estranged and dragged into fratricidal wars and eventually were wiped out from the earth.

Today there are attempts to present a different version of history, where black is white and antiheroes become liberators. So we must defend unbiased attitude to history, work successively and continually to provide patriotic education to the younger generation, to support public initiatives such as searches for the long gone soldiers and their relatives, and to take care about war memorials.

The chain of war memories should not have a weak link of oblivion. Most importantly, those who saw the war with their own eyes are still beside us and they will not let anybody to turn the history upside down.

We bow our heads before the memory of our frontline soldiers killed in battles and pay our respects to the survivors.

Our deepest gratitude goes to soldiers and workers of the home front for their immortal heroism thanks to which we live and Russia lives today!

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations has more than 900 veteran organizations which include some 2,000 veterans of the Great Patriotic War. The Ministry tries its best to take care of every one of them. We must do our best so that the younger generation knew about the greatest deed of our fathers and grandfathers and were proud of the history of their country.

Dear veterans, I would like to wish you peace and wellbeing.

Congratulations, dear friends!

I wish you sound health, ling life, prosperity and well!

Minister of Emergency Situations                                                                                                          Vladimir Puchkov