Russian Emergencies Ministry and Open Government discuss new inspection format rss

20 April 2017 10:57
Russian Emergencies Ministry and Open Government discuss new inspection format

A public debate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry’s risk-oriented approach to supervisory activities takes place today in the National Crisis Management Center. The conference is carried out as a all-Russian videoconference headed by the Open Government Minister Mikhail Abyzov, featuring Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov.

Representatives of the Russian Government Establishment, AnalyticalCenter of the Russian Government, the Expert Council of the Russian Government, the “Forum” AnalyticalCenter, political parties, plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in matters of protections of businessmen’s rights, heads of federal executive authorities, as well as Procuracy and representatives of non-governmental organizations take part in the conference.

The Russian Emergencies Minister in his speech noted that administrative burden on businesses tends to lower within Reform of control and supervisory activities in 2017.

“We follow consistent policy of removing administrative barriers for entrepreneurs, improving and development of methods and approaches to control activities. In accordance with modern requirements, the Russian Emergencies Ministry pays special attention to development of supervisory activities system”, said the Minister. “As a whole, the number of checks of planned inspections of all kinds is decreased by 35% in 2017”.

The Russian Emergencies Ministry is one of the main participants of the test projects of the Open Government and The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation in introduction of initiatives in that field. The main purpose of the reform of control and supervisory activities is to decrease administrative burden on organizations and citizens, engaged into entrepreneurship, and to improve quality of supervisory activities. The reform must decrease the number of people killed and injured in the accidents via preventive measures.

The Emergencies Ministry introduces new forms of non-governmental inspections to replace the state control through audit, declaring, certification of products. Also, preventive measures that include the whole spectrum of means, such as propaganda, training and information of population, must replace inspections.

In 2017 inspectors will be mostly engaged into carrying out of preventive measures, which will take place in every constituent territory, in order to prevent violations of necessary requirements, as well as response to appearing emergencies, including fires.

The Emergencies Minister also pointed out that the Emergencies Minister introduced survey for businessmen to assess quality and perception of inspections. He also said that major part of questions received from businesses concerns unplanned inspections.

“If a small business for some reasons is planned to be inspected in 2017 and 2018, a businessmen has a right to file an application in order to exclude the business from the list”, said the Minister during the conference. “If an inspections is already underway, if a businessman presents documents that his enterprise is indeed a small business, the inspections is seized at once”.

Such conferences already took place in 67 constituent territories of Russia and got widespread response from the business community and media. The conference will take place in 18 more constituent territory in the form of a videoconference.