Russian Emergencies Ministry and Roscosmos conduct space experiment on forecasting and monitoring of emergencies rss

14 April 2017 13:45
Russian Emergencies Ministry and Roscosmos conduct space experiment on forecasting and monitoring of emergencies

A meeting dedicated to assessment emergencies forecasting via space monitoring, headed by the Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov has taken place today in the NationalCrisisManagementCenter.

Special attention was given to discussing matters concerning space monitoring in cooperation with Roscosmos (State Space Corporation) for a fire situation. The Russian Emergencies Ministry together with the ISS crew organized space photo shooting of the fire prone areas and delivery of gathered information and forecasts to management of all levels.

As of now, information about more than 19,000 thermal anomalies that imposed hazard on more than 4,000 settlements, was gathered by Scenario space experiment. Ground monitoring systems such as Forest Watch and Forest Guardian are used to clarify gathered information. It was pointed out during the meeting that more than 1,500 photographs from space were received and processed since beginning of the year, 20 aircraft of the Emergencies Ministry are on standby to respond to major fires.

The Minister Puchkov pointed out that the Emergencies Minister is planning to conduct drills for putting out of forest and peat fires featuring aircraft and ground forces. For that case interdepartmental exchange of forecasting and monitoring information was established in order to take necessary managerial decisions.

Oleg Novitsky, cosmonaut and flight engineer on the ISS who participated in the meeting via conference call, told about fire and hydrological situation in Russia. The main attention is given to Far Eastern, Siberian and Southern Federal Districts. It is also planned to take photos and record videos in order to monitor hydrological situation, especially in the TyvaRepublic.

In turn, the Emergencies Minister thanked the ISS crew for their efforts and congratulated with the Cosmonautics Day.

“April 12 is a day of triumph of science for those, who is working in space industry. Thank you for your efforts. I am sure that cooperation of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, all services of the National Crisis Management Center and the ISS will allow us to resolve monitoring and forecasting of emergencies, threats and risks on a whole new quality level and receive information about current situation”, said Vladimir Puchkov. This allows us to clarify information in real time and assess development of the emergency, as well as take preventive measures in order to avoid human casualties and damage to property.

This cooperation of the Emergencies Ministry and Roscosmos improve coordination in receiving, processing and use of information, gathered from the Russian space complexes and remote sensing of Earth and GLONASS (Global Navigation Sattelite System), as well as approbation and introduction of new space technologies for efficient monitoring and forecasting of emergencies by the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

“Success in combating of forest fires lies in efficient preventive measures, fast response to new firest. All these efforts are based around active monitoring from space”, concluded Vladimir Puchkov.